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Reviewing 2016, Previewing 2017

2017-01-26 19:03 +09:00

Yes, actually it’s already 26th Jan 2017, and I know it’s quite late for this typically-on-1st-Jan post. However, it’s been quite a while since I wrote the last post and I think this is a good start this year. I will shortly review what happened to me in 2016, and preview what I’d like to do in 2017.



I finally graduated from my university (so long!). I relocated to Tokyo, Japan. I quitted part time at my previous workplace and joined LINE as a frontend developer. The new position and workplace seems great so far.


I was fascinated by Haskell (and its dialects, specifically PureScript), and finally felt I became productive in writing it. I also added Vue.js to my frontend weapons. Both of them really helped me become productive in several different ways.


Many of my OSS contributions is of Haskell and PureScript. Surely I also worked on frontend and toy projects. I list major projects I worked on.

  • love-arrow-shoot: A super simple toy proxy built with Haskell and PureScript.
  • line: Haskell SDK for the LINE APIs. My first hackage as well.
  • perfect-scrollbar: Not really a recent favourite of mine, but I appreciate there are people loving this. It got 4k stars, which is huge to me.

If interested, please find other contributions in my GitHub profile.


I started to use Emacs instead of Vim, and I’m still satisfied with it.



No plan of big change. I’ll keep doing my best to make my workplace better with brilliant colleagues.


It would be nice if I can learn some fundamental knowledge of programming language. Specifically, I’m planning to study a little bit of category theory, type theory, and compiler design.

Besides the PL things, I will keep creating small indie games.


I’m thinking about a frontend framework in PureScript. I want it equipped with ability of fast and effective development like Vue.js and compile time safety with PureScript at the same time. Not sure it becomes just a PureScript wrapper for Vue.js or a completely new implementation.

I’d also like to contribute on PureScript itself. It’s already a great language made by great people, but I found its development is ongoing and needs more people to help it. I cannot be happier if I can be one of the contributors.


I’d like to be healthier in this year. Thinking of starting to play table tennis as a hobby.

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